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Outfitters and Guides in the mountains and deserts of Utah and Northern California, and your source for the finest in goatpacking gear and information.
Established 1987.

What's New
WRPG moves forward, operating in both Wyoming and southern Utah... Goatpacking seems to be gaining an ever increasing presence as a mainstream means of transporting people and their gear in the mountains. Read the full story...

Our schedule
We've got the 2010 schedule already! Check out our trips, including two journeys to the Escalante Canyons!

Meet the crew
Diana, Ginger, Charlie, John... Have you wondered about the kind of people whose dream it is to work as goatpackers? Read more


New!! Download and view a video about Wind River Pack Goats! (7 minutes long)

Read about Goatpacking for Trout, in the Angling Report! (PDF, 800K)

Read about WRPG in the Washington Post!

More articles about WRPG!

Here at Wind River Pack Goats we offer three different ways to get you goat packing. They include the traditional scheduled trips, custom trips, and drop trips, where we haul the freight for you in support of a trip you have put together.

About goatpacking
No, we don't put them in cans!

Goatpacking is an environmentally-
friendly mode of wilderness travel that's easy on your back.

Modern day goat packing started just up the road in Red Canyon, Wyoming. John Mionczynski, the father of goat packing and founder of Wind River Pack Goats, first used goats to help him transport the equipment required for big horn sheep studies he was doing in the early '70's... Read more

About Our Video

Wind River Pack Goats goes to Hollywood! Well actually we all went on the Northern Traverse in the Wind River Mountains of Wyoming, and we brought along a couple of film artist-types, cameras, a whole lot of batteries, and even a goat-mounted solar charger.

The result is a 10-minute video that's almost as good as coming along on a WRPG expedition (but not quite...) Read more


Get the book
It is the bible of goat packing. John Mionczynski's The Pack Goat. Fully illustrated by local artist Hannah Hinchman. Get your copy here.

Goatpacking supplies
We sell a complete line of goatpacking supplies. To enter our store, click here

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