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Get the book

The Pack Goat is back in stock!

It is the bible of goat packing. John Mionczynski's The Pack Goat. Fully illustrated by local artist Hannah Hinchman.

To order, please call Kathy Pappas, at 307-332-2614

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1. Why pack a goat? Or How to Get the Monkey Off Your Back

2. Breeds

3. Goat Hairs in My Couscous (Life on the Trail)

4. The Pack String

5. Food Along the Trail

6. Hooves and Dewclaws

7. Capricorn

8. When the Heat's On: Desert Goats

9. Glacier Goats

10. Training

11. Acquiring and Keeping Goats: Home Sweet Home

12. On the Technical Side: Historical Notes

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Just $16.95

Order a copy today!

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