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Get the Video!

Wind River Pack Goats go to Hollywood!

Well actually we all went on the Northern Traverse in the Wind River Mountains of Wyoming, and we brought along a couple of film artist-types, cameras, a whole lot of batteries, and even a goat-mounted solar charger. Gary Westphalen and Gary Wortman, affectionately know as "the Gary's" to our mountaineering/goat film expedition, shot some hundreds of hours of high tech, digital video capturing the 'vent for all the world to view from the comfort of their living room. To date they have even won two awards! First Gary Westphalen won the Director of Photography award at the DC Peer Awards, and you can view a short clip at: www.roxyfilms.com/photography.html . Then both Gary's took the Twin Rivers Art Center Honorable Mention in the Outdoor Category award for Glacier Goats (the long version that the Gary's produced) at their 8th Annual Media Festival.

The generosity of the Gary's has brought to WRPG a short, ten minute version of the action arranged as a promotional video for us. Order your copy today! And, because we know the video will make you, your friends, and family more than a little eager to come on a goat trip of your own (and maybe bring your high tech video equipment) WRPG will deduct the cost of the video and shipping from the cost of your next goat trip with us. What a deal. So order the tape now, pop the corn, invite the neighbors over, and make an evening of it! (Remember the tape is ten minutes long so as to allow plenty of time for discussion and planing afterwards).

Just $10.00 includes shipping and handling, and you can deduct the cost from your next trip with us!

ORDER FORM-- Prices subject to change. Please allow six weeks for delivery.

Please print the following form out and mail, with payment, to:

280 N. 9th ST.
LANDER, WY 82520
(PH. 307-332-3328)

Wind River Pack Goats video

$6.00/ ea.


Wyoming residents please add 5% sales tax


Shipping and handling:









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