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Wind River Pack Goats

Goatpacking Supplies

Saddles, panniers, bells, t-shirts - and much more!

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* The saddle is very similar to a standard horse pack-saddle but scaled down and modified on the upper side bars for pelvic clearance.

* The side bars are of light, but split-resistant Poplar, with oak cross bucks. Saddle trees are oil soaked and varnished for long life.

Click here for a larger image.

* The leather rigging is also similar to horse pack-saddles with a single cinch strap, cinched about an inch behind the forelegs. Rumpstrap and breast collar are adjustable.

* Panniers are of coated nylon, with nylon loops. L-16" x W-8" x 16" deep, approx.

Click here for a larger image of this diagram.

* These are the largest of the four kinds of panniers we sell.

* These HUGE ones ($139) are for tents, etc. They come in black, brown or red.

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