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Meet the crew

Diana Livingston, a native of California, is a lifetime backpacker and recognized authority on goats and goat cheese having won the prestigious Best In Show Award from The American Cheese Society in 2002. After mountaineering training as an outdoor educator with the National Outdoor Leadership School in the Olympic Range of Washington, she was employed as a four season Senior Wilderness Guide in Utah by Aspen Health Services. In California’s Trinity Alps Diana provided packgoat support carrying equipment for an ecology research project studying 16 lakes over a four year span. She maintains certification as a wilderness EMT

With her belief in lifetime activity and enjoyment of nature, Diana’s goal is to utilize goats to assist all people, young and long-timers to stay active and enjoy nature

Ginger Olsen is a registered nurse, college teacher, counselor, and entrepreneur. After partnering with Diana in MyTime goat dairy and Capricious Cheese, she was sent to Lebanon to teach cheese making. While there, she wandered with shepherds trading information and skills on sheep and goat husbandry.

She serves Wind River Pack Goats as co-owner, base health and emergency contact and the behind-the-scenes coordinator.

Charlie Wilson brought to Wind River Pack Goats ten years of experience leading wilderness trips for the National Outdoor Leadership School, headquartered in Lander, Wyoming. He had worked in mountain and desert settings in Wyoming, Utah, Washington, Arizona, New Mexico, and Kenya, as well as the Northeastern US. Also having a background as a high school science teacher, he brought his love of teaching and his love of the outdoors together to help create full and informative outdoor experiences.

He holds an undergraduate degree in the field of biology, and a graduate degree in systems counseling. Among his interests is the relationship between adventure, nature and psychological happiness.

John Mionczynski is widely recognized as the originator of goatpacking in America. He discovered and began developing the techniques used today by Wind River Pack Goats while studying Rocky Mountain big horn sheep for the US Forest Service. He currently works for the Wyoming Game and Fish Department, as well as pursuing his many natural history projects. He continues to be consultant and trip leader for Wind River Pack Goats. He is the author of The Pack Goat, the authoritative book on goat packing.



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