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Other Goatpacking Outfits

Aslan's Own Kid Ranch - Alpine & Oberhasli Packgoats, Montrose,Colorado

Brayton Family Herd, Oregon (link temporarily unavailable)

Eagle Creek Pack Goats, Oregon

Eagle Rock Packgoats, Idaho Falls, Idaho

Edelweiss Acres, Olympia, Washington - Packgoats, Oberhasli goats, and 4H resources for goats and packgoats

High Uinta Pack Goats, Tooele, Utah - High Uinta rents pack goats to people for their hikes--not a guide service. Clay Zimmerman, www.highuintapackgoats.com, 1-877- PACKGOAT

The Harness Goat Society - Pack Goats - British site with tips for training pack goats.

H.B. Acres Pack Goats - Dan and Robin from Oregon tell about their pack goats that carry their gear and lunch when they want to go wandering in the woods.

GORP - An Unusual Pack Animal - An article about the use of goats for packing - informative and amusing.

Bred to go where horses fear to tread, goats pack quite a load. - An entertaining and informative article about packgoats.


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