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Our Trip Areas

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Wind River Mountains

 This is a spectacular, hundred mile long chain of granite mountains reaching to over 13,000 feet. Above its forest-clad lower reaches alpine tundra extends for miles, leading to glaciers and spectacular peaks. The area is home to hundreds of lakes and trout-filled streams.

The Red Desert

Rugged red and yellow sands dominate the hills of this very unique part of the world. A basin formed in the only spot along its path where the Great Divide actually splits, here was the home of Wyoming's last wild buffalo herd and the point where the Oregon Trial passed over the Rocky Mountains. The remains of sea creatures from long ago are re-exposed as the dirt around them is worn away. You might see wild horses, eagles flying overhead, and fossilized tree branches at your feet.

Red Canyon

A eroded landscape in the sandstone region of the eastern Wind River Mountains, Red Canyon is home to a slickrock-and-juniper landscape.

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