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What is goatpacking?

Modern day goat packing started just up the road in Red Canyon, Wyoming. John Mionczynski, the father of goat packing and founder of Wind River Pack Goats, first used goats to help him transport the equipment required for big horn sheep studies he was doing in the early '70's. His work required that he be able to negotiate terrain the other pack animals could not. John found the goat was nimble, and was strong enough to travel up and across slopes that you or I would certainly think twice about.

In the years that followed, John worked to breed goats from the traditional dairy stock for even greater strength, agility, and trainability. In 1982 Wind River Pack Goats was born. The idea was not to replace the more traditional means of passing through the mountains, but to introduce a pack animal that could go where no other pack animal had gone before. Goats could go higher and over rougher terrain. It was believed that Wind River Pack Goats would be a high adventure outfit, taking clients to higher more demanding places.

John paid a great deal of attention to the responsible promotion of goat packing. Each year he offered trips to introduce the novice to goat packing as well as trips for the professional guide. Many of the goat packing outfits across the country today are run by graduates of these courses. Click here to view a list of other goat packing outfits.


Today at Wind River Goat Packing we continue in this tradition. We continue to offer and be involved in the education of guides. We are working with land managers towards the responsible management of goats and the areas we operate. Finally we are committed to providing a high quality outdoor experience for our clients.

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