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What we do

Here at Wind River Pack Goats we offer three different ways to get you goat packing. They include the traditional scheduled trips that we offer each year. These trips you sign up for, we put together, and they have a general theme such as "Getting to know the pack goat," or "Wind River mountains fishing trip."

Then there are custom trips that we can arrange to meet your specific needs and groups size. Custom trips are scheduled as availability allows, and make up the bulk of our business. Wind River Pack Goats can even be hired to do the cooking!

Finally, we offer drop trips where we haul the freight for you in support of a trip you have put together. Wind River Pack Goats has done drop trips for years for the US Forest Service and the US Geological Survey, carrying heavy and delicate equipment for various research projects. This service is also available to the general public. We feel it is the ideal solution for families with young children, climbers and fisher-persons who want to maximize their time and energy, and for anyone for whom the pack has been keeping them out of the mountains.


Our philosophy

It is the intent of Wind River Pack Goats to provide a high quality wilderness, outdoor experience to as broad a clientele as possible. We believe that the goat is the ideal support animal in that it is agile, very compatible with the environment, and very friendly with our patrons. Wind River Pack Goats is a sponsor of the Leave No Trace program, and we strive to operate in a manner that protects and preserves the areas in which we operate. All of our wranglers are trained in Leave No Trace minimum impact practices.

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